Understanding Anger

Finding Freedom from Anger

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About this Course

In this video Course you will explore Anger to learn what it is and how it works in your life.  Then you will learn and apply the YIELD process to find freedom from anger. 

I recommend you create a simple Journal for your notes and downloaded questions.   It will help you when you want to review previous steps.

You can use a three-ring binder to organize everything.   Put all of the printed materials from your course in the binder as you work through each Module and Lesson.  

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Course Structure

4 Lessons

Introduction to Anger

This module introduces you to basic concepts about Anger, how it is commonly expressed, what it is could be costing you and what the options you have for transforming it.  In these five videos you will be surprised about how many ways we can express Anger.  Plus you will see how many Anger Management approaches fail to achieve lasting change and why YIELD will work!

What is Anger?

Learn the three components of Anger and the primary emotions that lead to our Anger.  See how they are working in your life every day.


Expressions of Anger

There are almost as many ways of expressing Anger as there are ice cream flavors.  But most of us don't realize that.  So let's see where Anger is lurking in our lives.


Personal Cost of Anger

This lesson focuses on some areas where our Anger is limiting us and creating personal costs that we may not realize.  It's important to see the big picture about our Anger so that we can understand how to move forward.


Approaches to Anger

Perhaps you've watch the movie "Anger Management" with Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Marisa Tomei, and Luis Guzmán as it follows Nicholson's journey through Anger.  But what if Anger Management isn't the only or best approach to removing Anger from our lives?  

5 Lessons

Origins of Anger

This Module looks back at the biblical origins of Anger and illustrates how God's Anger operates.  This understanding prepares you to see the similarities and differences between your Anger and God's.  There are three videos.

Biblical Origins of Anger

Mankind and Anger have had a long history.  In this lesson we revisit the first recorded occurrence of Anger to see how it occurred, how God was involved and what we can learn from the event.

The Power of Choice

One of my biggest struggles was understanding how choice can be a powerful force in reducing and removing anger from my life.  I hope this lesson impacts your perception of anger, as much as it did mine.

Understanding God’s Anger

We all know human anger.  And most of us think we know God's anger.  But do we?

Let's consider God's expression of anger along with His character to see how it differs from our anger.

Slow to Anger – God’s Side of History

If asked, many people will respond that Jesus was about Love, but the God of the Old Testament was about anger and vengeance.  But is that really true?  In this Lesson we walk a mile in God's shoes and see what really motivates His actions.

Dependence on God

So what is dependence on God and how does it work?  I want to show you how God worked in my life and how He can do the same in yours.  Expressing Anger God's Way starts with the relationship you have with your creator and His indwelling spirit.

3 Lessons

Exploring My Anger

In these three videos, you will learn about your Faces of Anger, your Focus of Anger and your Family Tree of Anger.  The focus is on understanding how your Anger is expressed and how it was influenced by others in your life.

Deeper Thoughts on Anger

We wrap up this module by looking at Anger more closely.  We even answer the question of whether Anger is sinful or not.

Focus of my Anger

Our anger is often focused in specific areas of life.  What are those areas for you?

Family Tree of Anger

In your life, you've experienced the anger of others.  What does that look like and how has it affected your anger?  Let's explore this topic.

3 Lessons

Roots of My Anger

In these three videos, I will show you how your Anger has deep roots in your life, how triggers form in your life and how False and True beliefs must be uncovered for us to transform our Ange

Anger and its Roots

Anger is just a surface emotion that reflects perceptions and beliefs within.  Let's explore how it's what happens on the inside that most influences our anger.

The Power of Triggers

Most of us have certain conditioned responses to situations where we become angry.  Why is that and what do we need to know about these responses?

False and True Beliefs

What we believe has a significant influence on our Anger.  That's why it's so important to review our beliefs to ensure we are working with truth.

5 Lessons

Sources of Anger

In these five videos, I offer you multiple causes for Anger and encourage you to understand which of these causes are fueling the Anger in your life.  We look at the power of Expectations, Fears, Hurts, Personal Rights and Physical limitations to power your Anger, plus how you can change their impact.

Common Influences on Anger

As human beings we often overlook that our anger is being influenced by our humanity.  This lesson explores typical influences that contribute to our anger.

How Fears lead to Anger

Fears are a strong contributor to much of our anger.  Let's consider how your fears might be influencing and powering your anger.

How Past Hurts lead to Anger

In a world that has been marred by sin, none of us experiences a trouble-free life.  Our past experiences often include feelings of hurt that can add power to our anger.  Let's see what those might be.

Expectations and Anger

Everyone has expectations.  But sometimes our expectations don't match reality.  How could your expectations be fueling your anger?

Personal Rights and Anger

Personal rights are those things we feel entitled to.  Often these personal rights can expand to the point that they will continually lead to anger.  What personal rights are affecting you right now?

3 Lessons

Solutions for Anger

In these four videos, you will expand your understanding of the powerful solutions available to you.  We will look at how Hope, Grace and Choice will overpower Anger.  In one video I show you how to do an "Anger Scene Investigation" which will isolate areas that you need to work on. 

Anger Scene Investigation

Now that we understand what contributes to our anger, we explore how to investigate the situation where we get angry to better understand what was happening there.  Armed with understanding and truth, we can troubleshoot what went wrong.

Using Hope to disarm Anger

Hope can be a lifestyle belief that disarms much of the anger we express.  But most of us have never considered it as an option.  Want to learn more?

3 Lessons

Shutting the Door on Anger

In these four videos, I introduce you to the super power you have for ending the tyranny of anger, rebuilding relationships and how to survive those inevitable setbacks that we all encounter in our life journey.

Your SuperPower

Unless you are a super hero, the closest thing to a superpower that you will ever have is what we discover in this lesson.  It is one of the powerful keys to finding freedom from anger and I hope you discover how much you didn't know about it.

Exercising your SuperPower

Knowing about forgiveness is a start.  In this lesson we dive into how to actually exercise it powerfully in your life.  You only get the benefits when you get going...

Restoring Relationships

Forgiveness is often followed by reconciliation, except when it isn't.  In this chapter we look at when and how to reconcile with others once forgiveness has taken place.  There's more to this step that you need to know.

3 Lessons

Making YIELD a Lifestyle

In these last three videos, you will learn how to make the YIELD process a lifestyle so that you are experiencing the abundant life your heart desires.  We will look at the YIELD process in detail, review what our dependence should rest on and look at how we can leave a powerful legacy for others.

Surviving Setbacks

As we've learned in our lessons, life and progress are not linear.  There will be fresh challenges and you will struggle with anger as you apply the Yield Process.  However, your progress is assured.  Here's how to handle the setbacks you will face.

Leaving a Legacy

Others are watching.  But we don't often realize how much our anger is influencing others.  What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your family, your children and your life?  

The Yield Process

Let's summarize the process we've discussed in previous lessons.