Anger affected my life for years...

I realized that the roots of my Anger have affected my life for years. And that I cannot change my actions without God's help. It's a choice and it is not easy. However it is worth it.
I see that Anger destroys the best God has for you. When you finally realize your part in the problem, then commit to walk with God in changing your actions, you will see fruit you never expected!

Yvonne ... Educator

Anger wasn't my problem...

Most men struggle with anger. Few know why. This Course will make you one of the few.
The Lord provided this Course for me in a period when I had only just begun to realize I have an anger problem. I was blowing up at my young son on a regular basis (think weekly). This Course showed me my anger wasn’t the problem. It’s the symptom.
The Course is interactive in nature with reflection questions throughout. It’s fantastic for a group study. That’s how I did it. I learned so much from other guys walking the same path I was—discovering the roots of their anger. The fact that you are reading this review means you need this Course. You won’t regret it.

Paul ... Ministry Leader

How God uses Anger in our lives...

My spouse and I picked this course upon the recommendation of friends. The topics can be worked by an individual or as we did as a couple. The Course is laid out in a combination of how God uses anger in our life, and how His anger is different from ours. I highly recommend this Course because its focus is on you. What you can control is yourself, not others.

Matt ... Business Owner

For the person who doesn't think they have Anger issues!

I was surprised because I had more Anger issues than I'd thought. The course helped dig down and reveal my motives for Anger. I would absolutely recommend this Course! It's more of an issue than many of us think. It's definitely for the person who thinks they don't have any Anger issues at all.

Anne ... Mom

I did not feel anger was my issue...

I don't escalate in my anger like others I know, so I did not feel Anger was my issue. I took the course then realized Anger wears many faces and mine was less expressive, but every bit as destructive. I valued the transparency in my group as we worked to the identify the roots of our Anger issues. I highly recommend this course even if you feel you don't struggle with Anger. The questions will probe your understanding to help you identify patterns, blind spots and root issues.

Chris ... Real Estate Manager

It is possible to rid yourself of Anger...

I never realized that all of my anger is sinful and that it is possible to rid yourself of it. What helped me most was identifying my Anger feelings and then identifying the root issue behind it (disrespect, fear, etc.).

Sandy ... Strategic Business Manager