Introduction to Anger - Module One 

This module introduces you to basic concepts about Anger, how it is commonly expressed, what it is could be costing you and what the options you have for transforming it.  You will watch five videos to complete this module.

Origins of Anger - Module Two

This Module looks back at the biblical origins of Anger and illustrates how God's Anger operates.  This understanding prepares you to see the similarities and differences between your Anger and God's.  There are three videos.

My Anger - Module Three

In these three videos, you will learn about your Faces of Anger, your Focus of Anger and your Family Tree of Anger.  The focus is on understanding how your Anger is expressed and how it was influenced by others in your life.

Roots of My Anger - Module Four

In these three videos, I will show you how your Anger has deep roots in your life, how triggers form in your life and how False and True beliefs must be uncovered for us to transform our Anger.

Power Sources of Anger - Module Five

In these five videos, I offer you multiple causes for Anger and encourage you to understand which of these causes are fueling the Anger in your life.  We look at the power of Expectations, Fears, Hurts, Personal Rights and Physical limitations to power your Anger, plus how you can change their impact.

Solutions for Anger  - Module Six

In these four videos, you will expand your understanding of the powerful solutions available to you.  We will look at how Hope, Grace and Choice will overpower Anger.  In one video I show you how to do an "Anger Scene Investigation" which will isolate areas that you need to work on.  

Shutting the Door on Anger - Module Seven

In these four videos, I introduce you to the super power you have for ending the tyranny of anger, rebuilding relationships and how to survive those inevitable setbacks that we all encounter in our life journey.

Making YIELD a Lifestyle - Module Eight

In these last three videos, you will learn how to make the YIELD process a lifestyle so that you are experiencing the abundant life your heart desires.  We will look at the YIELD process in detail, review what our dependence should rest on and look at how we can leave a powerful legacy for others.