Yield Anger Course

Here is an explanation about the time limit for refunds on the purchase of this online Course.

We believe that this Course will be effective in your life as you apply the principles in the videos and worksheets.   But it may not be something you are unsure about, so we recommend that you purchase this course and look at the contents for several days.  

We offer you a period of 7 days, including the day of purchase, to decide if this course if for you.

Then if you decide you want a full refund we will gladly process and issue the refund.   (Please allow for 3-5 business days to receive your refund.)

By using the term "within 7 days of your purchase" here are several examples to illustrate it.  

If you purchase the course on a Monday, then the last day for a refund will be the following Sunday.   If you purchase the course on Saturday, then the following Friday will be the last day to apply for a refund.  If you purchase this course on a Wednesday, then the following Tuesday will be the last day to apply for a refund.

Any requests for a refund after the period within 7 days of your purchase will not be honored.

Please note that after a refund you will be governed by our Terms and Conditions for any materials you have viewed or downloaded.