Looking to
Find Freedom from

Negative Emotions, like Anger, steal your peace,
harm your relationships and stress you out!

The last few years were emotionally challenging years for everyone.  And today we can see anger affecting how we react to others.

Perhaps we find ourselves being more easily irritated, annoyed and angry with the everyday things in our life.  The article on the web, the slow driver in front of us.

One moment we are fine and the next moment we are boiling over with anger and trying to stuff our irritation so it doesn’t spill out.

Often we wonder what’s wrong with us (and others) as we go from one irritating situation to another.

Can we agree on this?

This is not the life that we want or the life that God designed us for?

Maybe that’s why 84% of Americans believe that we are angrier now than we were compared to a generation ago.

And a significant 42% have felt angrier in the past 12 months than in the past.

Yet each of us has a choice.

We can choose to not settle with anger, irritation, frustration and other negative emotions bullying us in life.  We can find freedom from Anger and escape the cycle!

Life is Tough.

Anger doesn’t solve the problem.

Let’s leave Anger behind.

At the root of most negative emotions in our lives is some form of ANGER.

But most of us don’t recognize it and when we do, we minimize it.

Here are some examples of ANGER.

Frustration, irritation, sarcasm, impatience or bitterness.  Rage, yelling, swearing, threatening and withdrawing.  Self-loathing, self-abuse, being critical, judging others or holding grudges.

We need to realize that Anger appears in many ways.  Sometimes internally, sometimes externally.  And we try to deal with it in stereotypical ways.

Some of us stuff our anger.  Most of us deny it.  Others express it openly.
Some express it mostly toward family. Others primarily at work.
Many of us express it while driving.  When we are hungry.  Or often when tired.

Anger is a powerful emotion and study after study shows that Anger increases stress on our mind and body.  It negatively affects our immune system.  And we all know that it harms relationships and destroys intimacy.

So what do we do? Well, you could minimize your anger and say it’s no big deal.  Or you could blame it on others and wait for them to fix themselves.  But these are not answers.  We want to get better not hide from ourselves.

I’m hoping that you believe it’s time to find a lasting solution.  A solution that identifies the roots of Anger, applies truth and gives you the freedom to live an anger-free life.

But you probably don’t believe that’s possible, right?  I get it.  I struggled for decades.

Anger expresses itself in surprising ways.

Frustration, Sarcasm, Grudges, Passivity, Revenge, Criticizing, Judging.

I know it seems impossible to live a life without Anger, but I can assure you that there are people who do.  And I’m one of them.

And it’s not because I am some mystical Saint who has special powers.  Or some super-disciplined individual who has learned to contain their anger.

I’m just a person who has hit the wall and let God change me.

I’ve had my eyes opened to see the costs of Anger, understand why it occurs in life and how to take away it’s power to control.

When frustrating things happen I now know how to recognize and work through them.  I’m not perfect but I’m more in touch with my emotions and understand Anger more better than 98% of people.

For over 20 years I struggled with Anger issues.  It was something I tried to ignore, excuse and blame on others.  And all the while it made life with me more difficult.  And it had its cycles and patterns.

I would become Angry then calm down, then feel guilty about my Anger and then try to work harder as managing my anger.  But within days I would return to being Angry about something.

It was during this time that I broke down.  It was ugly but I needed to hit the bottom because I was hard-headed and stubborn.  

From that low point I began to learn as much as I could about Anger as an emotion.  I wanted to know why I became Angry and how I could be free.  And I am not ashamed to give the credit to God because it was through His help and wisdom that I began to find answers.  

Today I live an Anger-free life.  I am 180 degrees different than before.  Even though life is still frustrating and challenging I’m rarely angry.  Even though the same things still happen,  I’m different and my Anger is no longer a force in my life.

So that’s why I’ve created this Course.  To help you find freedom from Anger. 

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about Anger and put it into this course.  And it is changing lives.

Is it possible to live without regular Anger in your life?


If you understand God’s purposes for Anger and His Ways to use it.


Here is what You Study in this Course

I will guide you step-by-step in how to find growing freedom from every expression and type of Anger.

There is not about theory.  Everything you learn is practical plus based on the ancient wisdom of the Bible.

As you apply this wisdom you will find new freedom, new hope and a fresh understanding about your anger.

Your self-awareness and emotional intelligence will grow.  You will see how Anger is a powerful emotion given for your good.

Plus you will see your heart changing each week as you see and experience new truth.



  • Less stress on your mind and body
  • More peace in your daily life
  • Deeper relationships with others
  • Improved decision-making
  • Become a better people-person
  • Gain more self-awareness of your feelings
  • Find clarity about how anger works
  • Identify ways to use Anger for good

Here’s What You Get in this Course!

First you get multiple instructional videos that you can work through on your own schedule.  Then I include work sheets that help you review and record your observations about Anger.


  • Brief 3 to 10 minute videos on one topic
  • Watch them on any internet device
  • Watch them on your own schedule
  • Great for working with a group
  • Provides a step-by-step approach to learning more about Anger
  • Teaches you the steps to freedom from Anger
Anger has a repetitive cycle


  • Each Lesson comes with a Discovery Sheet in PDF format
  • You download each sheet and watch the video 
  • Plus I include worksheets that help you dig deeper
discovery sheet example for anger

What do other Students say after taking this Course?

I didn’t escalate in my anger like others I know, so I did not believe Anger was my issue.

But I took this course and realized Anger wears many faces and mine was less expressive, but every bit as destructive.

I valued the transparency in my group as we worked to the identify the roots of our Anger issues.

I highly recommend this course even if you believe you don’t struggle with Anger.

The questions will probe your understanding to help you identify patterns, blind spots and root issues.


Real Estate Manager

My spouse and I picked this course upon the recommendation of friends. The topics can be worked by an individual or as we did as a couple.

The Course is laid out in a combination of how God uses anger in our life, and how His anger is different from ours.

I highly recommend this Course because its focus is on you.  What you can control is yourself, not others.


Business Owner

Most men struggle with anger. Few know why. This Course will make you one of the few.

The Lord provided this Course for me in a period when I had only just begun to realize I have an anger problem. I was blowing up at my young son on a regular basis (think weekly). This Course showed me my anger wasn’t the problem. It’s the symptom.

The Course is interactive in nature with reflection questions throughout. It’s fantastic for a group study. That’s how I did it. I learned so much from other guys walking the same path I was—discovering the roots of their anger.

The fact that you are reading this review means you need this Course. You won’t regret it.


Ministry Leader

8 Module’s of Topics

Introduction to Anger

This module introduces you to basic concepts about Anger, how it is commonly expressed, what it is could be costing you and what the options you have for transforming it. In these videos you will be surprised about how many ways we can express Anger. Plus you will see how many Anger Management approaches fail to achieve lasting change and why YIELD will work!

Origins of Anger

These videos look at the first mention of Anger in the Bible.  What universal wisdom can we learn from this event? Then we look at God’s anger and how it compares you human anger while providing some insight into God’s character.

Exploring My Anger

In these videos, you will learn about your Faces of Anger, your Focus of Anger and your Family Tree of Anger. The emphasis is on understanding how your Anger is expressed and how it has been influenced by others in your life.

Seeing the Roots of My Anger

In these  videos, I will show you how your Anger often deep roots in our life, and how most of us have common triggers for our Anger.  We also see how our beliefs affect our Anger and how vital it is to find and build our beliefs on Truth.

Sources of My Anger

In these videos, I offer you multiple causes for Anger and encourage you to understand which of these causes are fueling the Anger in your life. We look at the power of Expectations, Fears, Hurts, Personal Rights and Physical limitations to power your Anger, plus how you can change their impact.

Solutions for My Anger

In these videos, you will expand your understanding of the powerful solutions available to you.  We will look at how Hope, Grace and Choice are powerful tools in overpowering Anger.  In one video I offer you a tool to do an “Anger Scene Investigation” where you look back after the event and identify the forces at work in your life.

Shutting the Door on Anger

In these videos, I introduce you to the amazing super power you have for ending the tyranny of anger.  And why it is so commonly understood.  Then I illustrate how you can rebuild relationships and how to survive those inevitable setbacks that we encounter in our life journey.

Living without Anger

Our objective isn’t to “fix our Anger”.  We want to remove it from our lives so we can live with peace and joy.  In these last videos, you will learn how to  experience the abundant life your heart desires. We will look at the YIELD process and how we can leave a powerful legacy for others as we live an anger-free life.

Rob McMillen

Rob McMillen


For over 30 years, I struggled with anger both in my career and family life.  Despite success in my career, I constantly struggled with the fallout from my anger.  It led to  damaged relationships, dissatisfaction, depression and stress.

After I was forced to stepped down from a successful tech startup, I reached a crisis point.  I was tired, angry, bitter and determined to get revenge.

But before that could happen, I spiraled into a deep depression.  It was then that God began to get my attention about Anger.  I was at the point that I was ready to work on myself.

So, I began a journey.  A journey to understanding what was going on inside.  What I learned changed me powerfully.

My family began noticing changes in the first few months.  I was no longer frustrated and irritated constantly. And my responses to stress and difficult situations were calmer and kinder.  Each month I continued to change and became a more peaceful person.

Now, twenty years later, I have continued to be free of his old anger.

I could boast of my progress but I must give the full credit to God’s power and truth for the lasting changes I have experienced.  God used his power and others to help me grow.

That’s why I have such a passion to share what I have learned.  I call it the process of Yielding Anger.   I am continually experiencing an anger-free life and I want you to find that freedom too!

Actual Student Comments about this Course!

I realized that the roots of my anger have affected my life for years.  And that I cannot change my actions without God’s help.

It’s a choice and it is not easy.  However it is worth it.

I see that anger destroys the best God has for you.

When you finally realize your part in the problem, then commit to walk with God in changing your actions, you will see fruit you never expected!



I never realized that all of my anger is sinful and that it is possible to rid yourself of it.

What helped me most was identifying my Anger feelings and then identifying the root issue behind it (disrespect, fear, etc.).


Business Manager

I was surprised because I had more Anger issues than I’d thought.

The course helped dig down and reveal my motives for Anger.

I would absolutely recommend this Course! It’s more of an issue than many of us think.

It’s definitely for the person who thinks they don’t have any Anger issues at all.



This Course is a Great Value!

Over the years I tried professional counseling for my anger but it didn’t work for me.

But… counseling can work if you find the right counselor and stay with it for multiple visits.

But before you spend that kind of money, why wouldn’t you try this Course and see if it works for you?

It’s simple to do and will provide a process for finding freedom from Anger!  

Study anywhere.     Watch the videos and work through the questions, even while traveling!

Invite a friend to join You!     Get even more out of the Course!

What are You waiting for?